Wall Mount TVs

Information to help you Wall Mount TVs in your home

The main aim of this guide is to highlight what you will need to consider if you wish to mount TVs on the wall (ie wall mount your TVs) and connect it to various other pieces of equipment. The guide can also be used if you just want to check what cables etc you may need for a traditional stand based installation.

So whether you want to wall mount TVs yourself, buy some bits or pay someone to do it for you, we have tried to consolidate all the information you might need in one place.
  • BUY - I want to buy products to help me wall mount TVs
  • HOW TO - I want information on how to wall mount TVs
  • PARTS - I want information on how to wall mount TVs
  • INSTALLERS - I want to contact a local installer who wall mount TVs

Some devices can be connected in many ways say via SCART or HDMI this guide will indicate the differences and which to choose which to use when you wall mount your tvs.